Losing your iPhone sucks.

We make it easy to get it back.

3.1 million people in the U.S. lost their phones last year. Fownd is a service that makes it easy for people to return lost phones to their owners.

Friends & Family

Easily set friends and family members as verified parties to have devices returned to.

Save Money

Losing a phone can be an expensive and frustrating experience. We make lost phone recovery easy.

Easy to Use

Our platform is simple to use. Anybody can signup and be protected in minutes.

Why Choose Fownd?

Everyday thousands of phones are lost or misplaced around the world. Most people have experienced this for themselves and are all too familiar with the headache that comes along with losing your phone. Until recently there wasn't much in the way of tools to recover you lost phone. Introducing Fownd. Fownd is a simple yet breakthrough way of adding another layer of protection for you and your mobile device. Fownd is the first and only service on the market enabling peer to peer lost phone recovery.


Step 1

Create Your Free Account.

Step 2

Setup Your Recovery Preferences.

Step 3

Start Protecting Your Phone.

Step 4

Enjoy Piece Of Mind.